Hyundai Creta Price in Nepal

Hyundai Creta Price in Nepal

Hyundai Creta in 2019 starts at the price of Rs. 43.56 Lakhs in Nepal. Similarly, its diesel version of Creta starts at the price of Rs. 50.56 Lakhs. Laxmi Intercontinental, sole authorized dealer of Hyundai cars in Nepal, sells and distributes variants of Creta. Currently, Laxmi Intercontinental is selling 7 different variants of Hyundai Creta including 5 variants of petrol and 2 variants of diesel. Petrol variants of Hyundai Creta includes “E Loaded”, “E+ Loaded”,” SX”, “SX AT” and “SX (O)”. These petrol variants comes with 1591cc engine. Diesel variants of Hyundai Creta includes “S” and “SX”. These diesel variants comes with 1396cc and 1582cc engines respectively.

Price List of Hyundai Creta in Nepal – 2019

Hyundai Creta Price in Nepal 2018

Here is the full list of Hyundai Creta price in Nepal for 2019. This price list covers almost all variants of Hyundai Creta subcompact SUV cars available in Nepal:

Hyundai Creta price in Nepal
Hyundai Creta variants in Nepal Price
Hyundai Creta E Loaded Rs. 43.56 Lakhs
Hyundai Creta E+ Loaded Rs. 46.56 Lakhs
Hyundai Creta SX Rs. 53.56 Lakhs
Hyundai Creta SX A/T Rs. 59.96 Lakhs
Hyundai Creta SX (O) Rs. 60.56 Lakhs
Hyundai Creta S (Diesel) Rs. 50.56 Lakhs
Hyundai Creta SX (Diesel) Rs. 58.96 Lakhs

Please note that above price of Hyundai Creta is subjected to change and is for reference purpose only. Kindly contact Hyundai Nepal to get the latest showroom price.

Note: Hyundai Creta price list was last updated on February 12, 2019.

Hyundai Creta

Hyundai Creta

Creta is a subcompact crossover SUV manufactured by Korean company i.e. Hyundai. However, vehicles coming in Nepal are manufactured in India. Hyundai Creta is based on its fluidic sculpture design philosophy. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular SUV in Nepal since its launch. It has six airbag system along with vehicle stability management (VSM), Assist Control (HAC), Rear Parking Assist System, Electronic Stability Control (ESC),  and ABS. The ground clearance of this vehicle is 190mm which is relatively low compared to other vehicles in same segment. You have option to choose between both Manual and Automatic transmission.

Specifications & Features

Some of the common specs or features of Hyundai Creta car or SUV available in Nepal is given below:

Hyundai Creta Specifications or Features
Specifications Petrol Variant Diesel Variant
Engine Petrol Diesel
Displacement 1591cc 1396/1582cc
Mileage 15 kmpl 17-21 kmpl
Ground Clearance 190mm 190mm

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