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Tata Car Price in Nepal

Tata car is available in 6 different models of passenger cars within price range of Rs. 24 lakhs to Rs 90 lakhs in Nepal, excluding pickup vehicles. Here is the list of Tata car price in Nepal for 2021. This price list includes following cars and utility vehicles:

Tata Cars Price in Nepal – 2021 Updated List

Tata Car Price in Nepal

Tata car price in Nepal
Tata Cars in Nepal Price
Tata Tiago XE BS 4 (1199 cc) Rs. 24.99 Lakhs
Tata Tiago XE BS 6 (1199 cc) Rs. 28 Lakhs
Tata Tiago XT BS 6 (1199 cc) Rs. 29.75 Lakhs
Tata Tiago XZ BS 6 (1199 cc) Rs. 32.15 Lakhs
Tata Tiago XZA BS 6 (1199 cc) Rs. 33.25 Lakhs
Tata Tiago XZ+ BS 6 (1199 cc) Rs. 32.75 Lakhs
Tata Tigor RT XE BS 6 (1199 cc) Rs. 28.99 Lakhs
Tata Tigor RT XM BS 6 (1199 cc) Rs. 32.50 Lakhs
Tata Tigor RT XMA BS 6 (1199 cc) Rs. 35.50 Lakhs
Tata Tigor RT XZ BS 6 (1199 cc) Rs. 33.05 Lakhs
Tata Tigor RT XZ+ BS 6 (1199 cc) Rs. 35.50 Lakhs
Tata Altroz XE BS 4 (1199cc) Rs. 29.99 Lakhs
Tata Altroz XM BS 4 (1199cc) Rs. 32.55 Lakhs
Tata Altroz XM+ BS 6 (1199cc) Rs. 35.50 Lakhs
Tata Altroz XT BS 4 (1199cc) Rs. 35.55 Lakhs
Tata Altroz XZ BS 4 (1199cc) Rs. 38.55 Lakhs
Tata Nexon RT XE BS 6 (1198 cc) Rs. 39.95 Lakhs
Tata Nexon RT XMS BS 6 (1198 cc) Rs 43.55 Lakhs
Tata Nexon RT XZ BS 6 (1198 cc) Rs. 44.05 Lakhs
Tata Nexon RT XZ+ BS 6 (1198 cc) Rs. 46.95 Lakhs
Tata Nexon RT XZA+ BS 6 (1198 cc) Rs. 49.55 Lakhs
Tata Nexon RT XZ+ (S) BS 6 (1198 cc) Rs. 49.55 Lakhs
Tata Nexon RTQ XM BS 4 (1497 cc) Rs. 41.99 Lakhs
Tata Nexon RTQ XZ+ BS 4 (1497 cc) Rs. 47.99 Lakhs
Tata H5 XM BS 4 (1956cc) Rs. 66.99 Lakhs
Tata H5 XT BS 4 (1956cc) Rs. 72.99 Lakhs
Tata H5 XZ BS 4 (1956cc) Rs. 77.99 Lakhs
Tata H5 XZA 4×2 BS 6 (1956cc) Rs. 85.99 Lakhs
Tata H5 XZ+ 4×2 BS 6 Moon Roof (1956cc) Rs. 84.99 Lakhs
Tata H5 XZA+ 4×2 BS 6 Moon Roof (1956cc) Rs. 89.90 Lakhs
Tata Sumo SE 4×4 BS 4 (1948 cc) Rs. 36.55 Lakhs

Please note that above price is subjected to change and is for reference purpose only. Kindly contact Tata Nepal to get the latest showroom price.

Note: Tata car price list was last updated on February 23, 2021.

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Tata Nepal

Tata motors cars & utility vehicles in Nepal are distributed by Sipradi Trading Private Limited (STPL). STPL is one of the largest automobile distributors in Nepal. Sipradi Trading sells all type of utility vehicles & cars of Tata, be it passenger or commercial. Tata Motors, in partnership with Sipradi, started exporting commercial vehicles to Nepal in 1982. Buses and trucks were dominantly used in Nepal. Import of passenger vehicles of Tata in Nepal started from 2003. As of 2018, Tata motors had significant share of more than 70% of the total automobile industry in Nepal. Also, it is one of the top three in passenger vehicle segment. Nepal is considered one the important market for Tata automobiles & cars. With its strong sales and service distribution network, Sipradi Trading has been able to serve full range of Tata motors automobiles.

Tata Cars in Nepal

Tata are focused more on products and processes that are environment friendly. They have been working with alternative fuels, electric & hybrid motor vehicles for personal, public and commercial use. They use some of the world’s most advanced technology and system to check and control emissions.

Tata in Nepal is currently selling 6 models of passenger cars and vehicles which includes H5, Nexon, Altroz, Sumo, Tiago and Tigor. In pickup commercial utility vehicles, it has Tata Xenon and Yodha. Passenger Tata cars starts at price of around Rs. 25 Lakhs in Nepal and goes upto Rs. 89.90 Lakhs.

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