Maruti Suzuki Car Price in Nepal

Maruti Suzuki car is available in 12 models of passenger cars within price range of Rs. 24 lakhs to Rs. 99 lakhs in Nepal, excluding van and pickup. Below is the list of Maruti Suzuki car price in Nepal for 2023. This price-list covers almost all models of Suzuki cars, van or pickup distributed by CG Motocorp in Nepal:

Suzuki Cars Price in Nepal – 2023 Updated List

Maruti Suzuki Car Price in Nepal

Maruti Suzuki car price in Nepal
Maruti Suzuki Cars in Nepal Price
Suzuki Alto K10 STD (998cc) Rs. 24.49 Lakhs
Suzuki Alto K10 LXI (998cc) Rs. 25.49 Lakhs
Suzuki Alto K10 VXI (998cc) Rs. 26.49 Lakhs
Suzuki Alto K10 VXI+ (998cc) Rs. 26.99 Lakhs
Suzuki Eeco Cargo (1196cc) Rs. 18.49 Lakhs
Suzuki Eeco 5 Seater AC (1196cc) Rs. 31.49 Lakhs
Suzuki Eeco 7 Seater STD (1196cc) Rs. 30.79 Lakhs
Suzuki Wagon R VXI 1.0L (998cc) Rs. 29.99 Lakhs
Suzuki Wagon R ZXI 1.2L (1197cc) Rs. 31.99 Lakhs
Suzuki Wagon R ZXI+ 1.2L (1197cc) Rs. 33.49 Lakhs
Suzuki Celerio VXI (998cc) Rs. 29.99 Lakhs
Suzuki Celerio ZXI+ (998cc) Rs. 33.49 Lakhs
Suzuki Swift VXI (1197cc) Rs. 35.49 Lakhs
Suzuki Swift ZXI (1197cc) Rs. 37.99 Lakhs
Suzuki Vitara Brezza LXI (1462cc) Rs. 44.99 Lakhs
Suzuki Vitara Brezza VXI (1462cc) Rs. 47.99 Lakhs
Suzuki Vitara Brezza ZXI (1462cc) Rs. 51.99 Lakhs
Suzuki Vitara Brezza ZXI Dual (1462cc) Rs. 52.29 Lakhs
Suzuki Vitara Brezza ZXI+ (1462cc) Rs. 56.99 Lakhs
Suzuki Vitara Brezza ZXI+ Dual (1462cc) Rs. 57.29 Lakhs
Suzuki Ignis Delta (1197cc) Rs. 36.99 Lakhs
Suzuki Ignis Zeta (1197cc) Rs. 38.99 Lakhs
Suzuki Ignis Alpha (1197cc) Rs. 41.99 Lakhs
Suzuki Dzire VXI (1197cc) Rs. 39.99 Lakhs
Suzuki Fronx Sigma (1197cc) Rs. 39.99 Lakhs
Suzuki Fronx Delta (1197cc) Rs. 41.99 Lakhs
Suzuki Fronx Delta+ (1197cc) Rs. 42.99 Lakhs
Suzuki Baleno Delta (1197cc) Rs. 40.99 Lakhs
Suzuki Baleno Zeta (1197cc) Rs. 44.49 Lakhs
Suzuki ERTIGA VXI ( 1462cc) Rs. 47.49 Lakhs
Suzuki ERTIGA ZXI+ ( 1462cc) Rs. 52.49 Lakhs
Suzuki Grand Vitara Zeta (1462cc) Rs. 63.99 Lakhs
Suzuki Grand Vitara Alpha 2WD (1462cc) Rs. 71.99 Lakhs
Suzuki Grand Vitara 2WD Dual (1462cc) Rs. 72.29 Lakhs
Suzuki Grand Vitara Alpha AWD (1462cc) Rs. 79.99 Lakhs
Suzuki Grand Vitara AWD Dual (1462cc) Rs. 80.29 Lakhs
Suzuki Grand Vitara Zeta+ (1490cc) Rs. 91.49 Lakhs
Suzuki Grand Vitara Zeta+ Dual (1490cc) Rs. 91.79 Lakhs
Suzuki Grand Vitara Alpha+ (1490cc) Rs. 96.99 Lakhs
Suzuki Grand Vitara Alpha+ Dual (1490cc) Rs. 97.29 Lakhs
Suzuki Jimny Zeta (1462cc) Rs. 59.99 Lakhs
Suzuki Jimny Zeta AT (1462cc) Rs. 65.99 Lakhs
Suzuki Jimny Alpha (1462cc) Rs. 64.49 Lakhs
Suzuki Jimny Alpha Dual (1462cc) Rs. 64.79 Lakhs
Suzuki Jimny Alpha AT (1462cc) Rs. 69.99 Lakhs

Please note that above price is subjected to change and is for reference purpose only. Kindly contact Maruti Suzuki Nepal to get the latest showroom price.

Note: Suzuki car price list was last updated on November 20, 2023.

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Maruti Suzuki Nepal

Maruti Suzuki cars in Nepal are distributed by CG Motocorp, which is the automobile division of Chaudhary Group (CG). CG Motocorp has been in automobile business since 1980. They are the authorized distributor of Suzuki Motors Corporation (Japan) and Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. With each passing year, it has grown from its strength to strength, positioning it as one of the leading automobile distributor in Nepal.

Maruti Suzuki Cars in Nepal

CG Motocorp has extensive reach throughout the country through its dealers, sub-dealers, outlets or service centers. It employees best of the staffs and human resource for prompt and above par after sales services. It’s quite easy to get spares parts at numerous of its service centers with excellent maintenance facilities. The company launched CG | Next Gen at Sanepa in 2016, which is its new of kind premium sales channel/showroom. It’s main motive is to go beyond selling cars and create a new format of retail experience for the customer.

Currently, CG Motocorp sells new generation of Maruti Suzuki cars in Nepal along with regular models which includes Alto, Baleno, Celerio, Dzire, Ignis, Swift, Wagon R, Fronx, Ertiga, Jimny, Grand Vitara and its popular compact SUV i.e. Vitara Brezza. Apart from that, it sells Eeco van. In the past, it sold vehicles like S-Presso, S-Cross, XL6, Ciaz, Super-carry and Omni Van. It has all range of cars from economical small cars to mid-range cars. Recently, CG Mortocorp has launched New Suzuki Swift which has enhanced performance, high fuel efficiency and high value for money. This makes it ideal for Nepali car market and customers. Maruti Suzuki car starts at price of Rs. 24.49 lakhs in Nepal and goes upto Rs. 97.29 lakhs. You can find the contact information of Suzuki Nepal i.e. CG Motorcorp below.

Contact information

To buy or test drive Suzuki cars in Nepal; or to get the features and specification with detail price information; you can contact at:

CG Motocorp

Suzuki Plaza, Pulchowk, Ph:+977-1-5547165,166
Maruti Plaza, Thapathali, Ph:+977-1-4226722
Service Center, Pulchowk, Ph:+977-1-5545907
Service Center, Dhobighat, Ph:+977-1-5540462

Chaudhary Group (CG):

Chaudhary House, Sanepa, Lalitpur, Nepal
P.O.Box: 1073, Kathmandu
Tel. : +977–1–5522330, 5529273, 5525169
Fax : +977-1-5523818
Email: [email protected]

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