Renault cars in nepal

Renault Car Price in Nepal

Renault car is currently available in 4 models of cars within price range of Rs. 25 lakhs to Rs. 60 lakhs in Nepal. Here is the list of Renault car price in Nepal for 2021. This price list covers almost all models of Renault car available in Nepal:

Renault Cars Price in Nepal – 2021 Updated List

Renault Car Price in Nepal

Renault car price in Nepal
Renault Cars in Nepal Price
Renault New KWID BS6 1.0 RxT-O MT (Petrol) Rs. 25.49 Lakhs
Renault New KWID BS6 1.0 RxT-O AMT (Petrol) Rs. 26.99 Lakhs
Renault New KWID BS6 Climber RxT-O (Petrol) Rs. 26.49 Lakhs
Renault Triber BS 6 RxE (Petrol) Rs. 28.99 Lakhs
Renault Triber BS 6 RxL (Petrol) Rs. 30.50 Lakhs
Renault Triber  BS 6 RxT (Petrol) Rs. 32.10 Lakhs
Renault Triber BS 6 RxZ (Petrol) Rs. 34.49 Lakhs
Renault Duster RxS (Petrol) Rs. 43.90 Lakhs
Renault Duster RXS DSL (Diesel) Rs. 46.99 Lakhs
Renault Duster RxZ AWD (Diesel) Rs. 59.09 Lakhs
Renault Captur RXL (Petrol) Rs. 50.90 Lakhs
Renault Captur RXT Dual (Petrol) Rs. 55.90 Lakhs
Renault Captur RXL (Diesel) Rs. 55.90 Lakhs
Renault Captur RXT Mono (Diesel) Rs. 59.90 Lakhs

Please note that above price is subjected to change and is for reference purpose only. Kindly contact Renault Nepal to get the latest showroom price.

Note: Renault car price list was last updated on February 23, 2021.

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Renault Nepal

Renault Car in Nepal is distributed by Advanced Automobiles Private Limited, which is part of Vishal Group. Renault officially entered Nepalese market in 2016 associating with one of the largest business Group in Nepal. It offered Kwid and Duster as initial offering. Vishal Group has history of over 50years and has been prominent importer & distributor of various international brands.

Renault Cars in nepal

The company has state-of-art showroom at Jaycees Bhawan, Ground Floor, Thapathali. The facility there was designed based on RENAULT-STORE concept. This includes new generation facilities which are designed to best address the needs of customers by highlighting the value of product, brand and services in effective way.

Renault Kwid and Duster had both been successful in International Market. Duster, particularly in Nepal, is gaining much popularity due to its unique stylish look. Duster is good example of Renault’s core specialty of ‘concept innovation’, where existing car segment is redesigned to present something new to the customer. It offer superior engineering, safety, style and comfort features. As of today, they are selling 4 models which are Kwid, Duster, Triber and Captur. Renault car starts at price of Rs. 25.49 lakhs in Nepal and goes up to Rs. 59.90 lakhs.

Renault in Nepal has two workshop facilities. One is in Kalopul and another one is in Paropkar, Kathmandu. These offers excellent brand experience from test driving to top-of-the line after sales services to its customers. You can contact Renault Nepal at the information given below.

Contact Information

If you are willing to buy or test drive any of the Renault cars or just want to inquire about the vehicle, you can always contact Renault Nepal. For more details about Renault cars price in Nepal or their specifications, you can contact at:


(Authorized Sole Distributor for Renault SAS)
Jaycees Building, Thapathali, Kathmandu, Nepal
P.O. Box No: 3127
Phone: 01-4256377, 01-4249531
Mobile numbers: 9802028933/42/46/47/49/62

Service Center:
Paropkar, Teku, Kathmandu
Phone: 01-4260226, 01-4258955

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