Mahindra Scorpio

Mahindra Scorpio Price in Nepal

Mahindra Scorpio jeep in 2022 starts at the price range of around Rs. 53.95 lakhs in Nepal. Whereas, base model of Mahindra scorpio pickup will cost you Rs. 36.95 lakhs. Mahindra Scorpio jeep is undoubtedly one of the most popular and most selling SUV in Nepal. Agni Incorporated Private Limited, authorized distributor of Mahindra cars in Nepal, sell these Scorpio.These jeeps are particularly famous for long-distance travel and tourism. Their powerful engine, all-terrain capability and unique looks is what makes them stand out from the rest of the vehicles available in the similar segment.

Price List of Scorpio in Nepal – 2022

Mahindra Scorpio Price in Nepal 2022

Here is the full list of Mahindra Scorpio price in Nepal for 2022. This price list covers all variants of Mahindra Scorpio jeep and pickups available in Nepal including S4, S5, S6, S10, S11:

Mahindra Scorpio price in Nepal
Mahindra Scorpio variants in Nepal Price
Mahindra Scorpio Pickup S4 2WD DC – Double Cab (2.2 Ltr) Rs. 36.95 Lakhs
Mahindra Scorpio Pickup S6 2WD DC – Double Cab (2.2 Ltr) Rs. 43 Lakhs
Mahindra Scorpio Pickup S6 4WD DC – Double Cab (2.2 Ltr) Rs. 45.75 Lakhs
Mahindra Scorpio Pickup S10 4WD DC – Double Cab (2.2 Ltr) Rs. 49.50 Lakhs
Mahindra Scorpio S5 2WD 1.99Ltr (7/8/9 STR) Rs. 53.95 Lakhs
Mahindra Scorpio S5 4WD 1.99Ltr (7/8/9 STR) Rs. 58.50 Lakhs
Mahindra Scorpio S11 2WD 1.99Ltr (7/8/9 STR) Rs. 68.15 Lakhs
Mahindra Scorpio S11 4WD 1.99Ltr (7/8/9 STR) Rs. 73.65 Lakhs

Please note that above price of Mahindra Scorpio Jeep and Pickup is subjected to change and is for reference purpose only. Kindly contact Mahindra Nepal to get the latest showroom price.

Note: Mahindra Scorpio price list was last updated on March 18, 2022.

Mahindra Scorpio

Mahindra Scorpio

Mahindra Scorpio is a mid-size SUV which comes with powerful M-hawk turbo-diesel engine. Mahindra scorpio also has its vehicle in pickup segment. Pickups are available only in double cab. For single cab, you may have to look for Mahindra Bolero Camper. Jeep variants of Scorpio currently available in Nepal include S5 and S11 which comes with both 2WD and 4WD versions. All of these vehicles run in diesel. Agni Incorporated Private Limited officially distributes Mahindra scorpio vehicles in Nepal through its showroom and dealers located all over the country. Agni Incorporated has discontinued its other jeep variants such as S2, S3, S4, S6, S7, S8 and S10 in Nepal.

Specifications & Features

Some of the common specifications or features of Mahindra scorpio jeep and pickup (2.2 Ltr) available in Nepal is given below:

Mahindra Scorpio Specifications or Features
Engine Diesel
Displacement 2179cc
Mileage ~15 kmpl
Ground Clearance 180mm

Note: Specifications or features of Mahindra Scorpio in Nepal were last updated on April 2021. Please contact nearby Mahindra dealers for new updates.

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