Renault Captur

Renault Captur Price in Nepal

Renault Captur in 2021 starts at price of Rs. 50.90 Lakhs in Nepal, which is a petrol version. Diesel version of Captur starts at price of Rs. 55.90 Lakhs. Advanced Automobiles Private Limited, official sole distributor of Renault Cars in Nepal, is selling 4 different variants of Renault Captur cars including petrol and diesel. Petrol variants include RXL and RXT Dual. Diesel variants also include similar models with RXL and RXT Mono. Captur petrol variants comes with 1498cc engine and diesel variants with 1461cc engine, similar to that of Duster. Launched few time back, company claims it to capture your senses. It is that captivating in terms of look, style and performance.

Price List of Renault Captur in Nepal – 2021

Renault Captur Price in Nepal 2021

Here is the full list of Renault Captur price in Nepal for 2021. This price list includes all variants of Renault Captur subcompact SUV, be it petrol or diesel variants, available in Nepal:

Renault Captur price in Nepal
Renault Captur variants in Nepal Price
Renault Captur RXL (Petrol) Rs. 50.90 Lakhs
Renault Captur RXT Dual (Petrol) Rs. 55.90 Lakhs
Renault Captur RXL (Diesel) Rs. 55.90 Lakhs
Renault Captur RXT Mono (Diesel) Rs. 59.90 Lakhs

Please note that above price of Renault Captur is subjected to change and is for reference purpose only. Kindly contact Renault Nepal to get the latest showroom price.

Note: Renault Captur price list was last updated on February 23, 2021.

Renault Captur

Renault Captur

Renault Captur, as mentioned earlier, is a subcompact SUV manufactured by French automaker Renault. It is built on B-platform of Renault. It is the winner of 6 prestigious auto awards. In short time of getting into Nepal, it is already gaining some traction in the market. With success of Duster, Captur is destined for glory too. This 5-door wagon comes with the seating capacity of 5. It comes with 50 liter fuel tank, which is a normal standard for many cars. Petrol and Diesel variants of Captur gives the mileage of around 14 kmpl and 20 kmpl respectively. It comes with a good ground clearance of 210mm. However, how it performs in the road of Nepal is something yet to be discovered.

Specifications & Features

Some of the common specs or features of Renault Captur subcompact SUV available in Nepal are given below:

Renault Captur Specifications or Features
Specifications Petrol Variant Diesel Variant
Engine Petrol Diesel
Displacement 1498cc 1461cc
Mileage 14 kmpl 20 kmpl
Ground Clearance 210mm 210mm

Note: Features or specifications of Renault Captur in Nepal were updated before March 2020. Please contact nearby Renault dealers for new updates.

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